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Affilaite Resources

Here are some resources. We can add more upon request. Respond to our Affiliate Informant newsletter to contact us.

  • Banners
  • Feel free to use our blog posts, followup emails from the product autoresponder and sales page or parts thereof for your marketing, for your emails to your list.
  • The images we used on our sales page comes from Canva since they have a very clear image use policy.
  • Ultimately be creative and test diferent pre-sales approaches. Don't try and guess what the market is thinking - that's a waste of time.
  • Stay out of trouble: don't like. Don't make stuff up. Don't make claims i.e. using statements such as "you will..." "guaranteed" "lose x # of pounds withing x time period..." etc.
  • Find what's working and emulate it. Emulate a successful or at least seemingly successful marketing approaches & campaigns. Just start somewhere. Start small. Never try and guess what's going to convert.