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Dealing with Initial Exhaustion that Comes from Giving Up Carbs

Foods turns into energy through ATP production.  ATP is the energy for your body.  When one is used to a high carb low fat diet and you eliminate your carbs then where is your energy source?  The missing carbohydrates which get digested all the way down to glucose are not there available for ATP production.

For a well done Keto diet the carbohydrate main stay fuel source of the past needs to be replace with fats.  Most people fail at Keto or other low carb  or no carb diets of the past because they don’t understand that they need to eat more fats.  But the use of fat is another topic for another time.

But there are more factors involved in this energy production process in the body. In the ATP generation process enzymes are needed. And today’s poor diets on average enzymes are lacking. There for supplementation with enzymes could be a very beneficial thing helping you get more out of your food and have more energy in the process.

Dr. Berg below, who has much  keto diet expertise, also suggests due to a nutrient imbalance and O2 imbalance, you are not able to make enough ATP OR  you either “flood your engine” of energy production there.  But not only that,if you have an enzyme deficiency or if you lack certain nutrients such as Vitamin B1 in magnesium your ATP production cycle will not fire well.

Vitamin B1 and Magnesium are co factors for enzymes that do the work combining O2 with fuel to create ATP.

ATP does not spark if not enough of B1 and Magnesium. Well we have a fix for that with Velocity Vitality Foods Based Power Multivitamin.   Here is our Magnesium Glycinate.

Exhaustion after giving up carbs especially problematic with those who have had historically high carb types of diets, which are most people starting from childhood. Besides chicken nuggets what do most kids eat? Cereal, pancakes, waffles and pizza with maybe a smidgen of veggies here and there. (for those of you who understand the body’s nutrient needs just imagine how hideous the average child’s diet is, how nutrient avoid it is and how nutrient depleting it is. And just imagine if we actually fed our kids a full spectrum of nutrients! We could be giving them a serious Edge For Life. So why don’t most know about this? Why aren’t most educated about actual nutrition? Some of you already know but the rest will find out relatively soon….).

And those who have been on historically high carb diets are often not knowledgeable of the role of various nutrients in the body and how to get them or they would not have been on a high (crappy) carb low fat diet. They tend not knowledgeable about the nutrient depletion of even average healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables of important nutrients due to modern day crappy farming practices. So the concept to which Dr. Berg has pointed out is that there is a lack of magnesium and vitamin B1 from the energy production cycle, the Krebs cycle in particular.

Start plugging in Magnesium and B1 and you could picking back up your energy production.  Also digestive enzymes can help as well.

Conversely, too many carbs floods the engine without enough O2 and nutrients so ATP gets overloaded and the energy production system clogs up then you get tired.

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