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Discover a Variation, an IMPROVEMENT to the KETO Diet, the Low Carb Diet that Fixes Significant Problems of the Past for Now More Easy, Enjoyable, Doable, Accelerated Weight Loss & Health Boosting All at the Same Time, in My Opinion...

The Easiest Diet & the Easiest Genuine and Actual Weight Loss Diet I've Ever Done.

  • Rapid weight loss I'm talking about junk and puffiness elimination all over the body even in tough body fat areas.
  • A steady reduction in the belly fat all the way down to the abs.
  • This diet was easy! it was easy to do and even fun. It made him feel better.
  • That said I employed advanced techniques of "dieting oscillation" for the sake of optimizing performance and productivity while on the diet versus speed of weight loss.
  • Methods employed for helping counter of the slow down of of muscle recuperation that happens with the keto for low-carb diet.
  • A new approach to health taking the benefits of keto were low-carb dieting while amplifying those benefits with a specific nutrient food as medicine protocol.
  • A significant and comprehensive very specific mineral, vitamins and good fats intake is designed into the diet.
  • The diet is very specific sound, touched thinking although it does allow for some flexibility in terms of food rotation.
  • This is a form of low-carb dieting but it's different. We do have certain types of carbohydrates that we intake that largely additionally helps us lose weight.

Find Out the Secrets I Stumbled Upon While Designing a Nutrient Dosing "Food as Medicine" Style  Protocol for Myself, Targeting and Amplifying Up an Array of Essential Nutrients in the Body Through Foods...

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