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Making Weight Loss Fast & Easy - that's What KETO3.0 Was Designed to Do... Learn this Diet and See for Yourself...

"Discover the Secrets I Literally Stumbled Upon For The Fastest Weight Loss Diet I've Ever Experienced and the fastest, most efficient weight loss diet I’ve ever Invented to date in Over 30 Years... by Fixing the Keto Diet!   Learn Our New Approach to Losing Weight Fast!"

From My Experience & that of My Fitness Friends, Among Many Others Online, the Average Keto Diet or Low Carb Diet has A LOT of FLAWS, Counter Productive, or Even Dangerous Flaws that I've Wanted to Correct for Some Time...

And with the KETO3.0 I Have Addressed Each of those Flaws with Brilliant Solutions Derived from my 30+ Years of Experience in Health, Fitness, Bodybuilding & Dieting. 

From my experience over the years in dieting personally, from other's dieting, the dieting struggles of personal trainer friends, other body builders and what is generally reported from various media sources and websites of other's experiences, although the keto diet can have many benefits, the keto diet has not been for everyone and many fail at keto dieting or other low carb diet variations because a keto diet, a low carb diet has inherent flaws have flaws such as:

  • Metabolism slow down. If you slow down the metabolism guess what happens?  That's right.  1. It becomes harder to lose weight 2. And when you stop a low carb, keto diet, wham, all that weight that was lost can come back fast, and sometimes to greater amounts!  Been there. Done that!
  • Recuperation from workouts slow down.  If your ability to recuperate physically slows down then not only does your progress slow down in any fat burning cardio exercise endeavor, but your muscle development slows down and as many have experienced, muscles start to shrink.
  • There can be drainage of electrolytes, a dangerous one, as an acquaintance of mine experienced (which put him, a fitness expert, in the hospital, after his low carb, keto, Atkins like experience). 
  • A general massive lack of comprehensive essential nutrient intake.  This will vary depending on one's low carb eating approach, but many end up eating fast food, processed food while being dependent on mostly meat and dairy, all of which, although they have many nutrients, they are also associated with being net nutrient draining as well.
  • No approach to specifically in taking most if not all RDA - DA essential nutrients from foods thereby 1. Making eating inefficient  2. Making eating habits a net negative health factor.  And although supplements can help, it's generally considered better to obtain essential nutrients from foods due to various synergistic factors in foods. 3. Encouraging your physical body to give you hunger signals and craving signals for nutrients it needs thereby pushing you to eat more foods which goes against the concept of a weight loss diet.
  • Eating low quality, nutrient drained, toxin contaminated foods that:  1. Don't feed the body 2. That poison the body thereby potentially disrupting all sorts of health processes.  3. That can drain the body of essential nutrients in order to combat toxins but also to counter balance processed foods or acid forming foods...  Can end up 1. Making you more swollen and fat looking  2. Keep a gut biome around that will continue to crave junky processed foods in general which can contribute towards a yo-yo diet rebound, thereby potentially putting back on all the weight you lost, and potentially even more weight.
  • In my repeated low carb, keto dieting tests and experiments over the years, my recuperation slowed down drastically, usually starting around the 2 week mark.  My workouts with weights or even fat burning cardio slowed to a crawl.  I found myself getting more little injuries that took extra long to repair, if at all.  I did not like that. Body builders can't stand the slow recuperation (and the muscle loss to boot).  So in the KETO3.0 diet I added factors to combat the lack of recuperation of muscles, and you can imagine, lack of recuperation or a slowing down of recuperation, of possibly all tissue in the body. 

Our keto diet evolution to KETO3.0 then goes on to feed the physical body by specifically focusing on obtaining essential nutrients from foods while also boosting various other health  factors which in turn ca help accelerate the speed of losing weight. 

Discover a Variation UP on the KETO Theme that I Stumbled Upon While Designing a Protocol for Amplifying Up Essential Nutrients in the Body through Foods.

KETO3.0 is the Easiest Weight Loss Diet I've Ever Done.

As I Was Looking to Develop a "Foods As Medicine Diet" for Making Sure I Was Getting the Minerals and Vitamins I Needed Through Foods I Ended up Making these "Secret Formula" Like Recipes.   

I Had No Intention of Making a Weight Loss Diet Out of the "Foods as Medicine Formula"  But Then it Happened...  I Had Some Excess Body Weight Pile Up from Being Lazy and Working too Much in Front of a Computer.   But After Eating this "Nutrient Dosing Food as Medicine Bowl" my Belly Started Shrinking, My Face Starting Looking More Lean, Younger, Puffiness Around My Whole Body Started Disappearing Each Day When I Looked in the Mirror.

At First I Thought I Was Just Seeing Things.  But as the Excess Body Weight Kept Melting Off, and So Fast, I Realized, I Stumbled Upon a NEW Way of Losing Weight  without Even Trying to Lose Weight!

Benefits of the KETO3.0 Diet that I Have Experienced and Maybe You Can too:

  • I experienced rapid weight loss, faster weight loss in speed and quantity of fat and puffiness, in those stubborn areas too compared to my low carb, keto dieting of the past and most any other diet for that matter.    The speed of weight loss in combination with the drastic reduction of effort needed to get that weight loss was down right EXCITING!
  • A steady reduction in belly fat all the way down to the abs.
  • This diet was easy!  It was easy to do and even fun. It made me feel GREAT!
  • That said I employed advanced techniques of "dieting oscillation" for the sake of optimizing performance and productivity while on the diet versus speed of weight loss.  
  • Methods employed for helping counter the slow down of muscle recuperation after exercise that happens with the old style keto or low-carb diets.
  • KETO3.0 is a new approach to lean body getting and health boosting by taking the benefits of the original keto diet, or low-carb diet, while amplifying those benefits and while also filling in the gaps, by solving some problems I had with the traditional keto1.0 approach.
  • A significant and comprehensive essential nutrient intake, designed into the diet,  through the use of food combinations and nutrient calculators to get the hard nutrition facts, the nutrient data numbers for covering a robust array of most all essential nutrients in terms of minerals, vitamins and good fats and omega balancing.
  • This is a form of low-carb dieting but it's different. We do have certain types of "anti-impact" carbohydrates that we intake that largely additionally helps us lose weight.

KETO 3.0 - KETO Evolution - "the Easiest & Most Effective Diet I Have Ever Done"...

I was targeting the optimization of nutrient intake for myself designing a foods as medicine type of nutrient protocol based on foods, and what I stumbled upon in the process was downright astounding.

I did not mean to make it weight loss diet. I was looking to pump up the nutrients I was habitually deficient in on average so I decided to do so with foods.   But what ended up happening was downright startling.

Although it's embarrassing to admit I gained a few extra pounds there and I was looking kind of puffy... It was not very attractive. My sixpack became a "one pack". ​

 Ooops. So I had some material to work with for diet expirimentation.   Fortunately, hrough my KETO3.0 nutrient protocol that fat I gained just started steadily disappearing as I looked in the mirror each night. And the excess weight went away without struggle that comes with most other weight loss diets. 

I thought I was seeing things at first but my body ketp changing rapidly.  So I thought, "hey let's tweak this food protocol and make it even better for faster weight loss.  In fact let's turn it into a complete weight loss system and a powerful health boosting system at the same time.  So I did.

And because of my 30+ years experience in health and fitness, personal training and bodybuilding I was able to add a few strategic upgrades and presto, KETO3.o Diet was born.  

And if you're looking for better easier faster and healthier ways to lose weight then you're going to want to learn this KETO3.o Diet right away.   Get it down pat so you gain a powerful weight loss skill for life.

Imagine finally being able to get rid of the excess blubber whenever you want, relatively quickly, relatively painlessly, without hardly even seeming that you are dieting.

Imagine being able to keep up with the different, super in shape, good looking people that you see on the Internet, Instagram, on TV or the movies. 

And better yet with our KETO3.0 approach, you have the potential to look healthier and more youthful versus those who just do KETO and low carb diets the old way.


"Oh you're getting so skinny" were comments I was getting after 3 weeks due to the rapid effective weight loss from this diet (and i actually cut back on exercise at this time (not that I was doing much)) implying the loss of fat while.

"Wow your muscles look bigger".

In this diet I have fixed the problems with keto diet and low-carb diets of the past fixing problems such as:

  • Extreme cloudy thought,
  • Toxins release issues,
  • Lack of recuperation issues,
  • Muscle wasting issues that come with keto diets and low-carb diets,
  • High acidity pushing in the body that come with most people's approaches to low-carb a keto diet and that can lead to a variety of troubles, not to mention, additional weight loss struggles,
  • Lack of nutrients that come with a lot of popular keto, low carb dieting approaches to low-carb keto diets,
  • Lack of recuperation, aches and joint pain that comes with most people's low-carb and keto diet,
  • General weakness that comes with most people's approach to low-carb and keto diets,
  • Lack of nutrients, broad-spectrum nutrients particularly vitamins and minerals that come with most people's low-carb keto diet approach.

I've Been Making Diets For Several Decades Now and This Is Arguably One of The Easiest Diets I've Ever Made. In Fact KETO3.0 May Be The Easiest Weight Loss You've Ever Experienced Too...

As mentioned before I wasn't really trying to make a diet this time but rather a "foods nutrient protocol" for the purpose of making sure I would be able to get certain minerals and vitamins all in one meal. 

I wanted to design an easy to make, whole foods nutrient meal, that was super easy to make as well, to make sure I was getting most of my essential nutrients from foods as well. 

But shortly after eating this food protocol for nutrition's sake, that I started losing some belly flub that I let accumulate. This was the hard to vanquish type belly fat too. ​

And yes I know, I know... I shouldn't have gotten chubby in the first place.  (and I can just see my old gym buddies getting on my case about that V shape to Pear shape body shape conversion trend that I was on...) But for my excuse, l o l, I had a big lifestyle change going from gym rat to no gym and way too much computer work. I got a little chubby in that transition.  But the good news is that, the KETO3.0 enabled me to get rid of my chubby flub quickly, simply and easily, even while still doing the same computer lifestyle.​

KETO3.0 was so fast that I started looking more lean and even a bit younger after a couple weeks of this nutrient dosing meal.​

I didn't think much about it at the time, but eventually, it dawned on me that I was eating low carb for the most part. 

Yet what I was eating in addition to the nutrient dosing meal was pretty random. 

So I made a couple tweaks, simple little tweaks and started evolving this nutrient protocol into this super easy, very low work, super health booster and even low expense diet called The KETO3.0 Diet.

It's called KETO3.0 because the secrets I stumbled upon from this nutrient protocol gave me new ideas into fixing the problems I've experienced with keto dieting and low carb dieting in general.

And you can't argue with the mirror because every single day on this diet, whether it was through the speed dial faster fat burning phase or even a relaxed phase, I saw weight loss and fat disappearing from the body, all throughout the body, even my face which made me look younger. 

I saw my muscles take better shape and become more defined day by day. I saw tough puffy areas finally diminishing especially on the belly, under arms and chest areas also mid-back areas, problem areas that are linked to overly excessive computer use, which is what I was doing.

And another nice benefit is that KETO3.0 hardly felt like I was dieting at all and that's nice!

The Keto Diet That Most People Do Out There Is Miserable, Our KETO3.0 Diet Is Not

Diet misery and austerity is a big problem for a lot of people.   But many weight loss diet approaches require you to go through austerity and misery.   I wanted to change that with the KETO3.0 diet.   

And from my experience in doing the diet the misery and austerity to make weight loss progress has been fixed, removed.  This is due to a few factors such as:

  1. Using foods that the physical body recognizes.
  2. Using foods that feed the physical body just about all the DA / RDA essential nutrients in a robust way.
  3. Using Alkaline vs. Acid load balancing factors based on the PRAL alkaline vs acid body impact calculation method.
  4. Using an extra emphasis on electrolyte intake
  5. Using an extra emphasis on better balancing Omega3 vs. Omega6 fatty acids to better balance out inflammation factors whereas Omega3 fatty acids are said to be anti-inflammatory while Omega6 fatty acids are said to be inflammatory. 

Another factor why we ended up formalizing this simple one shot meal for obtaining most of the essential nutrients, in one meal, into the KETO3.0 diet, is was that we felt that it could be very helpful to millions of people who are struggling with weight loss.

I mean, a lot of people are really struggling hard with losing weight. They just need that one thing that will work. They just need that one doable diet that can help them start making swift and steady progress that they can even see, pretty much every day.

A lot of people are struggling with excess body weight and a lot of that weight is not just fat. The keto approach can be beneficial for both types of weight loss.

Yet the traditional keto diet, or traditional low carb diet that I've seen most people do and that I've seen most people promote has way too many side effects and weaknesses that can be improved, if you have the insight to do so. So once I gained that insight, then I was able to complete the KETO3.0 Diet MASTERPIECE - my new favorite diet!

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The Best Diets Make Losing Weight Easier, More Simple with Faster Weight Loss all While Saving Time and Effort.​

Lame Diets Take Up Lots of Time, Lots of Effort, Lots of Money and Lose Weight Really Slowly... And if they Do Lose Weight, As Soon As You Get Off of them, You YoYo Back to Were You Were Before or Worse!​

For most people, the word diet seems scary and painful. I understand. ​

And coming out of the bodybuilding world the, fat stripping process took a lot of work and a lot of austerity.​

So I wanted to do something about that austerity so the average busy person, who doesn't have time to spend hours a day in the gym, could have a way of eating that was super nutritious, clean and highly effective with weight loss.

Yes I made KETO3.0 for me. But I also made it for the human physical body in general. And I also made it as a creative challenge to improve upon the average keto diet, since I design diets. And I always look to make a diet more powerful and efficient at the same time. You may be able to learn some valuable knowledge and insights from my KETO2.0 diet.​

Also remember that the KETO3.0 Diet is designed as a nutrient first protocol that also looks to balance out the intake of essential nutrients in the body and for the sake of putting the body in a better position for better and better health. So this is not your old school keto, low carb diet whereas most of those diets eat a bunch of junky foods that are bad for your body.​

Another factor in our KETO3.0 diet is that, through our bodybuilding experience, we realize that you have to have an "oscillation factor" that allows the body to boost the metabolism and do various repairs, repairs that don't get done when one is on a very low carb diet. So we have this very smart oscillation repair factor in the KETO3.0 diet.​

Being able to lose weight and boost the health of the body while also providing a robust array of essential nutrients is an extremely powerful life skill that most people don't seem to know these days. This is advanced information that I want to encourage you to learn and master the KETO3.0 Diet so that you gain a powerful skill for life so that for health boosting and easier lean body getting.​
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KETO3.0 Diet Solves Several Unhealthy Problems With the Traditional Keto, "Keto1.0" and Low-Carb Diets that Just Needed to Be Solved for Better Results, Better Health, Better Functionality, Better Longevity of the Diet and Better Anti-Aging Factors...​

There have been many variations of the low carb diet, the keto diet in the past. Some people like to say that all low-carb diets are the same. But they are not at all.

Sure the concept of having lower carbs is similar in all "low carb diets" or keto diets, but low carb diets can be very different one from another. And unfortunately many of the low carb diet to the past have not been very good for the body and ended up creating more problems than solutions.

For example low-carb dieting can slow down your metabolism leaving you vulnerable to a yo-yo rebound if you don't know how to do it well.

Additionally, those who do not know and understand what causes cravings for carbs and sugars find themselves going right back to those wrong type and carbs and sugar foods that made them fat in the first place, even after a low-carb diet. You need to learn how to knock out those cravings for those carbs and sugars. I found, through use, that the KETO3.0 diet can help with that a lot.

Another negative low carb dieting factor is that a lot of low carb diets out there are associated with eating a bunch of junk food. They talk as if swinging by your local fast food joint while throwing off the bun is a good thing. That's a big No-No. You don't want to wreck your health while trying to lose weight at the same time.

A lot of low-carb dieters run into problems additionally because they don't understand nutritional supplementation and how it's critical to make sure you have supplemental nutrients particularly vitamins and minerals while you are on a low-carb diet or keto diet.

A Good Weight Loss Diet Makes it Easier for the Body to Function. It Also Makes it Eaiser to Eliminate the Bad Stuff, The Toxins, the Waste, the Stuck Fat that Make Us Fat and Puffy...​

Many people who take common low carb diet, common, popular keto diet approaches can end up clogging up their internal plumbing outside of their bowels although that can be a problem too because they eat the wrong types of foods. 

When you clog up your internal plumbing you can cause 

When you clog your internal plumbing, then you 1. Clog your ability to eliminate and flush fat out of the body. 2. You create a back up in the body that starts to swell you up with nasty stuff.

A diet should take this factor into consideration for greater efficiency, which we believe the KETO3.0 Diet Does.

Better Keto Diet

KETO2.0 Nutrient Dosing Concepts - Feed the Body the Foods it Wants for Optimal Functioning and Excess Body Weight Vanquishing...

We're going to teach you a set of foods that are very powerful in combination, that are nutrient loaded, that aim to cover all essential nutrients plus many other powerful nutrients, that help cleanse the body and open up the channels for body fat, puffiness and other junk elimination, that improves health, that boost the immune system, that provides hydration thereby incorporating safety factors vs. other common versions of keto diets and low carb diets.

Through repetition, I've noticed that the KETO3.0 Diet helped change my cravings for foods that fed my physical body and made my physical body feel really good.

So then I started to crave these foods that fed my physical body, and that made and kept me lean, vs. the old foods that would slowly make me fatter.

Once new cravings for foods that can better keep you lean and toned in the future are cultured, then it becomes much easier to obtain and maintain lean body out into the future.

Weight loss becomes more automatic. And with the KETO3.0 Diet - your body also is well fed with essential nutrients - because, we specifically designed it that way using nutrient calculators.

In KETO3.0 We also fix the metabolism wrecking Factor that a lot of low-carb dieters experience because they don't know the techniques we teach you in this course.


The Keto Diet and Low Carb Dieting in Genearal Were a Great Discovery. ​ ​ Yet, Those Were the Starter Phases of the Concept of Losing Weight Faster. & that Concept Needed to Evolve. KETO3.0 is the Evolution of the Keto Diet and Low Carb Diets of the Past...​

KETO3.0 Diet Solves Unhealthy Problems With Low-carb In Keto Diets Of The Past

Additionally, we are very concerned about retaining muscle mass due to our long-term bodybuilding experience and we understand how the keto or low carb dieting can wreck muscle mass. ​

So, we wanted to have a fix for that. That fix is now brilliantly incorporated into the KETO3.0 Diet. It works great! My muscles grew on this diet faster. And so did my hair and nails! It was great!​

The body must be able to repair from its workouts while yet efficiently burning fat from the body through the dieting process. ​

So we figured out a way from our experience in bodybuilding to add an additional factor to the KETO3.0 Diet that allows us to recuperate from our exercise, our workouts better, while giving a boost to the metabolism in the process.​

Learn how to work with the body without trying to push the body too far too fast. This is an art and a science. ​

Some people have gotten themselves into trouble with dieting in the past not only with keto and low carb diets but many different other types of diets because their diet did not teach them how to properly work with the physical body as the KETO3.0 Diet does.​

Learn what we have discovered over the decades regarding the art of listening to the physical body, so we can coax the physical body toward progress in a most healthy, efficient way,  while avoiding hurting the body and for faster results.​

So it's an art whereas we don't want to be too soft because we need to make good paced progress but we don't want to rush things as the expression goes haste wakes makes waste.

And it's also a science in that we've turned the KETO2.0 Diet into an Eating System.    And in an eating system we just follow the simple rules, "a b c 1 2 3" for predesigned, optimal success. ​

Learn these valuable concepts and techniques from us in our course : The KETO 2.0 Diet. Some of these skills can be life changing for the better in powerful ways:

Fast fast fast weight loss! I say that genuinely.

What usually happens is that body fat starts getting burned off your body evenly even though it seems like your trouble areas are slow to burn fat.

Yet it's the trouble areas that simply can have the most accumulation, stagnation and clogging which brings about the least amount of blood and lymphatic flow usually.

That can happen because of what we do throughout the day or don't do, if we're sitting or standing, how we are sitting etc. etc. And of course this can happen due to our eating habits too.

Day by day I started seeing more separation between the muscles on this KETO3.0 diet meaning that the fat started disappearing throughout the body evenly.

My tough areas greater fat & puffiness accumulation are the areas related to sitting too much in front of these computers......

Anyways, the belly, chest, mid back and love handles are my main problems. Within 4 weeks my belly fat was was reduce by over half, you could see the shadow of my abs starting (although the lower belly still needs work because I developed too much fat there).

My arms and legs were starting to look fairly ripped, not stage-ready ripped, but shredded looking enough.

The mid back chest and belly areas fat mass areas in that 4 weeks were reduced roughly 60 to 70%. And that is a lot. Especially for a diet that didn't even seem like a diet at all. And a diet that was completely satisfying to eat.

So yes. This KETO3.0 diet worked very well and was VERY easy to do.

KETO3.0 feeds the body. It was designed from nutrient calculators based on USDA food nutrient data. It was designed for getting most all essential nutrients per day from foods. It feeds the physical body well.

The foods are so nutrient rich that it is very difficult to over eat. And if you over eat with these foods, they may even help accelerate the cleansing out of the extra flubber and sludge that has been stuck on the body.

Experience The Fastest Real Weight Loss You May Have Ever Seen?

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KETO3.0 Saves A Ton Of Time In Cooking And Eating! Yet This Diet Is Very Satisfying To Feel And Is Very Nutritionally Satisfying To The Body

Yes! No cooking!

I mean you could cook something up if you wanted to but this diet is a very simple diet "easy as A B C. 1 2 3." And it requires NO COOKING.

I wanted it that way. Things have gotten super busy because I'm just doing more and more stuff. How about you?

So what if we could come up with this perfect combination in a diet that feeds the body purposefully with combination of foods to look to fill out the DA or RDA of daily essential nutrients for humans, that loses weight fast and that requires almost no food prep work or cooking?

Well. We did. It's called the KETO3.0 Diet. You have over 30 years of experience in the making combined in this diet. It's a very smart diet.

We provide the instructions when you purchase the KETO3.0 course. And actually, it's more than just a diet; it's an eating system.

We will explain this eating system called KETO3.0 giving you a plan of action that is simple, sound, will save money and time, has a ton of associated health boosting benefits. It also has several advanced principles in it that you'll definitely want to know. You can purchase the KETO3.0 Diet home study course below.

But while on this diet the only thing I cooked what is some baking of keto cake. Speaking of which, that keto cake I created Not only was super tasty, but it was super satisfying and it was loaded with powerful nutrients! You know what if you purchased this course today within the next hour I'll throw in that recipe for this ultimate keto cake.

And the keto cake makes doing the diet even easier as well! Plus it is a convenient way to take in nutrients, the whole lot of great essential and super-powered nutrients!.

Very Easy To Do Diet! In Fact You Don't Even Have To Cook!

My Family Laughed When They Heard About My New KETO3.0 Diet Until They Saw Me Looking 15 To 20 Years Younger Before Their Eyes Over A 4 To 5 Weeks Span...

What happened to your man boobs?!? they shrunk! haha."  "You're looking so skinny." "Your muscles look bigger." "You're looking kinda ripped!" - Some personal feedback after getting a bit sloppy doing maddening hours of computer for way to long.....

And man, I was losing that slop, that flubber, that puff, that blubber FAST with KETO3.0 .  I'm not exaggerating or kidding. 

That's why I'm also excited to tell you about KETO3.0 .  It WORKS!  That was after about three maybe four weeks on the diet. That's it!   I was pretty casual about the diet even.

I got to a point where I was like, "you've got to be kidding me.. after decades of laborious and austere soso diets that took a lot of work, I stumbled upon this KETO3.0 concept and I'm accomplishing in weeks what used to take months, with barely any effort and almost no feeling of diet austerity.  I wish I had KETO3.0 30 years ago!!

The KETO3.0 Diet Has a Speed Dial for Weight Loss Acceleration and Then for Recuperation…

Yes you can turn it for faster fat loss one way and then you can turn it back the other way for faster recuperation and back and forth and so on. 

If you really want speed of weight loss you can turn it up the dial all the way the whole duration you're on the diet.  That will depend on your current lifestyle and physical body demands.  If you're into lifting weights, heavy weights, with moderate or more intensity,  you may need to oscillate back and forth more while including our super recoup boosters.   It’s all built into the diet and allows the dieter to keep going on the KETO3.0 Diet in order to get to their lean body goals instead of burning out first.

You don't even have to do the diet that long. You can do the diet for a while and then do another diet. And if you want to come back to this one, great. Cycling diets is a great thing to do and can help keep the body on its toes while being more fun to do.  

Your diets don't always have to be weight loss diets. What's important is eating systematically so you are feeding your physical body what it needs in order to thrive and regenerate into optimal health the form. 

When you get unorganized and or do not have an eating system turned into a habit, that's when it becomes really easy to slip into weight gaining actions and habits.  So get KETO3.0 and get a plan.  You can then modify the diet to your needs. 

Untitled design(6)

A Weight Loss Diet with Anti-Aging Benefits? Now that's a Good Deal!

Speaking from personal experience I like this KETO3.0 Diet now so much that when I got off the diet it was like my body was sad.

My physical body could not wait  to get back on the diet again which I found quite interesting! I think that because the body got fed so well in terms of  great levels of nutrients, essential nutrients and extra power nutrients, with an extra focus on minerals, that my body really appreciated and needed.

Now just for clarity my physical body is one thing in my gut biome is another thing; the same goes with you.

Feeding the physical body and listening to the voice of the physical body is a very good thing to do.

But that's not necessarily the case with gut biome which can give you all sorts of signals, and a lot of those signals are not good for you and your weight loss endeavors.

We explain more about this concept in the KETO3.0 Diet course. Click add to cart to learn more about this and how you can learn how to make weight loss much easier.

Plus while on the KETO3.0 Diet my nails and hair grew like crazy.  My skin started looking a lot better, more youthful too.

I started looking younger as the puffy bags started to disappear along with disappearing wrinkles from my face. Also my skin tone looked much better and more healthy. You may appreciate those benefits too.

KETO2.0 DIet - Couple - Canva(1) - Copy

MORE Features of Velocity KETO2.0 Diet

  • The KETO3.0 Diet is one of the most effective diets on the planet from my experience in developing diets and workouts for over 30 years. It also takes arguably or close to the least time and effort to do.​
  • ​You don't have to cook with The KETO3.0 Diet.​
  • The KETO3.0 Diet incorporates muscle retention factors and body recuperation factors that regular keto and other low-carb diets do not.
  • The KETO3.0 Diet was originally designed as an essential nutrient protocol for essential nutrients intake and balancing. And because we noticed weight loss happening so quickly, we then transformed this "food as medicine" concept into the complete KETO3.0 Diet.  Now its's one of the most effective diets and the planet from our experience.
  • This is a home study course that teaches you the diet as clearly and as quickly as possible.
  • A direct plan of action of what to eat exactly: or we tell you what we did and you can variate foods within the parameters of the diet.
  • Flux osculating & balancing:  speed of weight loss vs. recuperation of body and muscle retention.   Food cycling techniques.
  • This diet is doable for vegetarians and vegans.  
  • Omega 3 to 6 Balancing.
  • Alkaline forming vs acid forming balancing.
  • Minimal time involved in dealing with food prep, or cooking per day: Zero cooking necessary. Assembling the food for all meals maybe 5 to 15 minutes max total per day needed. Now compare that to all the cooking, cleaning, storing you have to do with other diets, especially old school body building diets... ​
  • The KETO3.0 diet is a HUGE time saver. Plus the KETO3.0 diet is more healthy, comprehensively nutritious and health beneficial, in our opinion and experience, compared to most other variations of the low carb, keto diet we've seen.

Features of Velocity KETO3.0 Diet

  • Three meals a day.
  • No cooking involved.
  • Nutritionally optimized using it nutrient calculators for vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fats to omega six fats optimized ratios.
  • It's a fun diet to do.
  • Feels really good.
  • It super healthy in terms of the foods we use them the nutrient targeting concept using nutritional profiles and nutrient calculators.
  • A brilliant new method and approach for eating.
  • Some of the fastest weight loss we've ever experienced in our three decades of testing.
  • In our diets we target optimizing health first and weight loss second. It's just that in this diet, weight loss of fat and puffiness happened so quickly. Muscle mass was retained too. It was so pleasantly surprising to see such effortless feelign weight loss that we decided to go teach others, such as yourself our new diet method.​
  • Add KETO3.0 to your arsenal of lean body getting and keeping.​
  • Have you been struggling with the keto diet or other low carb diets? You really need to discover KETO3.0. It was the perfect solution for me and it maybe for you too!​
  • ​You don't want to miss out on the KETO3.0 diet - Get it fast or before this offer is gone or before you forget to purchase by getting distracted by something else!
  • The keto diet, the Atkins diet and other low-carb dieting concepts for the most part an across-the-board were lacking and lacking severely. In many cases they were downright unhealthy and dangerous. So we decided to fix that. And those of you who know our health and fitness products know that we aim for health optimization naturally for superior health in combination with losing weight.​

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